Selected publications
National Geographic, GEO, Discovery, Vokrug Sveta, My Planet etc.
The essence of Taiping. Travel3sixty (Malaysia) 04.2014

A travel story. Gainer (China) 2013

Dirty heroes of Lahore. National Geographic Russia 12.2014

The flight of great white shark. National Geographic Russia 12.2014

The last shaman. Vokrug Sveta 09.2013

The great smoker. Vokrug Sveta 11.2013

Happy life. Discovery 06.2014

Malaysia rocks. Discovery 03.2014

The festival at the edge of the world. Discovery online 04.2014

The road to the South. GEO online 2013

Tibet. GEO online 2013

Not free and fearless. GEO online 2014

Good morning, Bratan! Aeroflot inflight magazine 10.2012

Love and run. WTFmag 2013

Pakistani tea party. KavkazAir 09.2014

To Pakistan with samovar. Voyage 02.2015

My travels with deer herders. FurFur 2014

Multinational Russia. Photo album for the Russian Ministry of Culture 2014

About 20 articles for the web portal about Russia

The reindeer nomad story. Aeroflot 03.2016

The Tibetan tale. Aeroflot 04.2016

Extreme sports in Dominican republic. Discovery. 03.2016

Save the elephants. Discovery. 04.2016

Morocco. Discovery. 05.2016

We are the winners of international contests: «North – the borderless country 2013» and «Unknown Russia 2014» (ethnic journalism), «Pushkin in Britain 2011» (translation), «Best of Russia 2015» (photography).
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